Results of the Project

We are all home now and have been so for several months now.  Life moves so quickly and we move on.  However the results of the climb are significant and we have so far raised around $45,000.  We have presented the Legacy Wagga Wagga Branch with a cheque for $12,790.  One of our three projects that we supported through the climb.

The remaining two projects are receiving funds as and when needed.  In the main our sponsorship for the vulnerable and at risk girls from Mathare in Nairobi.  Part of these funds will go towards the Rotary Club of Gigiri in Nairobi for education of the children of Mathare.  A project that we have been with since 2007.

The first photo below is a moment in time in Mathare taken during our last visit in 2015. The team was being shown three of the schools in Mathare.  This photo says so much and it was taken as we walked from one school to another.  The constant stream of children saying “How are you, how are you?” can be felt here.

Also the young girl just out of school with her back pack and wearing the compulsory uniform speaks volumes.  Probably her little sister in the coloureful dress greeting her is happy but poignant.  Next I see one of the problems in that Coca Cola is one of the main causes of diabetes.

Most of all I see tin shacks the children are standing in front of, which are the appalling homes they have to suffer, as can be seen in the photo.

The second photo is of the presentation to Legacy Wagga Wagga.

All in all a great effort from the Rotary Mount Kenya ANZAC Day Team.

Mathare Kids 1

Legacy August 2015 3