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6 Weeks to GO!

We are getting closer and closer.  I still would like some one of Turkish Australian heritage to join us on Mount Kenya.  It would be a wonderful way to show peace in action with our Turkish friends.


The Rock Challenge a Kenyan Perspective

This from a good Kenyan supporter of ours Kip Langat:

“I saw this and wondered… thoughtful and supportive some people are…. they are from rural and remote regions of Australia but thinking about others in a far away land like Kenya….. (Education for Kenyan Children’s projects)

The 7 of the climbers who will be heading to Kenya next month (April) for the Rotary Mount Kenya 2015 Climb with the other Rotarians and a behind the scene support from Kenyans in their community…. As part of the mazoezi, they climb The Rock (The Rock Nature Reserve, NSW 2655) (see the pic). Before the climb, they had Uji+Chai na mandazi then they came down for Nbuzi choma and plenty more…”

Kip 1 Kip 2 Kip 3 Kip 4 Kip 5

The Rock Challenge

Well March 8th came and we had a great day at The Rock in aid of the Mount Kenya 2015 ANZAC Day Climb.  We had a good roll up from Coolamon Rotary, Wayne Lewis drove the Rotary Caravan out to The Rock to provide tea and coffee.  The Henty Rotary Club put on the BBQ for breakfast and lunch and then the Kenyans turned up to cook Nyama Choma from the goats that Wayne had provided.

Coolamon members present were Garth Perkin, Wayne Lewis, Don Dyce, Ted Hutcheon, Ian Durham, Ian Jennings, Dick Jennings, John Glassford and several guests including Marg Perkin, Susan Glassford, Alex Thompson and  Sally Farmer.

Climbers going to Kenya included Mark Janetzki, PDG Fred Loneragan, Alex Thompson, Don Dyce, John Glassford, Harry Nixon and all the way from the Rotary Club of Rotorua New Zealand was Mathew Joseph.

Thanks to all the challengers and especially the Henty Rotary Club who did a great job. Here are some photos from the day at The Rock!

Challenge 05 Challenge 06 Challenge 07 Challenge 08 Challenge 09 Challenge 10 Challenge 11 Challenge 12 Challenge 13 Challenge 14 Challenge 15