World AIDS Day December 1 2009

In Uganda with Marion Bunch
In Uganda with Marion Bunch

Dear Rotarians

Rotarians For Fighting AIDS, Inc. (RFFA) shares a greeting card and an inspiring message of hope with Rotarians everywhere as we Honor World AIDS Day, December 1, 2009.  These notes, pictures and paintings are sent by two groups of Kenyan school children who represent only a small fraction of the 12 million HIV/AIDS Orphans living on the continent of Africa today.

Thanks to so many of you who have supported RFFA’s work, the children who send their vision of a world free of HIV/AIDS are in school today.  They are there because you gave the gift of education and hope for the future by paying for their school fees, supplies and uniforms.  We want you to see and read about the world you are changing.

Did you know that even basic education is not free in Kenya?  An orphan child has no way of affording any school without assistance from concerned adults like our Rotarian partners in so many countries.  These children sent their thanks and their vision to all of you for your kindness and generosity.  As RFFA’s Board of Directors, we are deeply grateful as well.

We invite all Rotarians to join Rotarians For Fighting AIDS, Inc., and our Founder and CEO Marion Bunch, as we continue to help the orphans and vulnerable children of Africa achieve their dreams.  Visit our website for more information.

Sincerely Yours In Rotary Service,

The Board of Directors

Rotarians For Fighting AIDS, Inc.

“This is our country. It’s so beautiful. Everybody
is health there and no AIDS in our country.”
Leah Wanoro, Age 12, Cura Village, Kenya
When asked to imagine a world without AIDS

“My name is Alice and I am health.” When asked to describe a future without
HIV/AIDS, that is how twelve year old Leah Wonoro, an HIV/AIDS orphan of Cura Village,
Kenya, began her drawing. We hope that you will join Leah and the other Orphans and
Vulnerable Children who live in the Cura Rotary Home and attend Primary School; the
youth of the Valley View Academy in Mathare, Nairobi, Kenya; and Rotarians For Fight-
ing AIDS as we honor World AIDS Day 2009 by imagining a future of hope, a future free of HIV/AIDS and a
future made possible through the power of Rotary”