Alexandra Ricca from the USA

Alexandra Ricca from Atlanta Georgia USA.

Alexandra has written a heart warming description on what Alexandra achieved on the Mission to Kenya.

“In Mathare, they say as many as one in three could have HIV. Nick ( a local Kenyan who became a great friend of Alexandra’s) thinks there are approximately 2 million people living in Mathare. Nick was able to talk to me a little about where he has come from and where he has been and wants to go… he was raised in Mathare and his parents died when he was very young. Many of his family members have AIDS and some have died from AIDS-related diseases.

He understands what life is like there and what the struggles are, and he wants to change it. He opened a rescue center for children, started Community Transformers, is part of the VCT team, does home-based care, makes sure children go to school and take medication if they need to. He also takes people to the hospital if they are unable. Children are very near to his heart, and he has the dream of a generation free of HIV and AIDS. Every day when he goes out there to do VCT, he hopes he will get more and more people to come

Other things that have happened- Kenyan children LOVE the camera 🙂 They especially love to look at themselves once a digital picture is taken. They all yell “How are you? How are you? How are you?” over and over again until they get our attention. Or they come up to you, hug you, grab your hand, shake your hand, tug on your shirt… they are amazing little beings. And tough cookies! Some of the dental patients have been having some major work done, and they don’t make a peep. I’ve also had many chances to sit down and talk to some of the Community Transformers. They are so bright. They have such high goals for themselves and are so inquisitive and interested in everything I have to say. They love to ask me questions and love to tell me about their lives. I’m learning so much from them. Nick, one of the CT/VCT team members told me about his uncle who is HIV positive and in turn, his 2 children are. I really was able to get such a great perspective, and learn…….”

Alexandra with her two best mates Maria and Timothy

Read the whole of Alexandra’s story here be inspired and take her wonderful example of service above self and help us make a difference to these wonderful little humans:  the orphans of Mathare.

Thank you Alexandra for all that you have done and will continue to do.


Mission to Kenya Volunteers Return Home

Charmaine White with Rotary District 9200 (East Africa) banners.

{Photo courtesy of Bill Pavey}

Here is one story from one of the M2K team of volunteers:  Charmaine White from the Rotary Club of Parkwood on the Gold Coast of Queensland.

Hello to you all I am home safe and sound and I am so pleased that I went and so happy that my home is Australia. I really needed a week to get my thoughts into perspective as I want you all to know that at times in Kenya I really did feel the prayers, love and concern of you all. There were very, very, hard days but the work I did personally and with the other team members was so worthwhile and gratefully received by the people of Mukuru. Our mission went to three areas and also got a water project started so there was plenty to do  I have never been blessed by God, Allah and told I am a miracle worker so many times before. Our whole team have received so many thank yous and good wishes for our life, it should last us all for many lifetimes to come.

My Kenyan adventure was a leap of faith that Rotary would look out for me. It was for me to take the risk and go half way around the world on my own, to a place, Africa that I had never been and meet people that I had never met. I was one of 73 volunteers from 10 countries…………..”

Read Charmaine’s Full Story Below: