Rotary Club of Griffith Avanti

The Rotary Club of Griffith Avanti Invests in 5 ORKs.

Recently the Rotary Club of Griffith Avanti in Rotary International District 9700 held a “Mama Mia” night to raise funds for the Orphan Rescue Kits.

It was a kaleidoscope of colour as our their own “Dancing Queen” celebrated her birthday in style by raising enough funds for about five Orphan Rescue Kits!!!!!!!

Well done Griffith Avanti and as soon as we find out who the dancing queen is I will let you know.

Looks like they had a great time.

Wagga Wagga Peace Day

Isabel Reid Wirradjuri Elder
Isabel Reid Wirradjuri Elder


Wagga Wagga’s Rotary clubs met on Sunday 22nd Feb 2009 to honour those who promote peace at the annual Peace day Ceremony.  This was the 17th annual Peace Day held in the Victory Memorial Gardens in Wagga Wagga.  We in Rotary strongly believe in promoting peace in the world today.  This is one good way to recognise those who strive to do so.

The Wagga Wagga City Council awarded their peace prize to Wirradjuri Elder Aunty Isabel Reid.  We feel that by rescuing orphans with the Orphan Rescue Kit we can help promote peace in countries that are not as well off as in the Western world.

Key note speaker was John Glassford from Coolamon Rotary and John spoke on how we can promote peace by supporting the most vulnerable people on earth; the orphans of Africa; now around 12 million in number.  John asked the audience to look at the world through the eyes of an orphan and try to imagine what that orphan would think if he or she had been rescued as a child and now holds down a job.  John felt that he or she would remember how they were rescued and by whom.

Here are some photos of the event and the ORK banner displayed by our District Governor Fred Loneragan was prominent on the day.