The Rotaract Club of Perth Invest in 20 ORKs

“It was a wonderful experience by our club members to raise the money. We’re working on a presentation of what we did in 2009, of which the ORK project was our main club project and our first ever club project.

Warm Regards

Rotaract Club of Perth President”

Here is a great story of one Rotaract Club, the Perth Rotaract Club in Western Australia, these Rotaractors organised several fund raising functions to raise money to invest in the Orphan Rescue Kit.  Well done President Tiang Cheng and the Perth Rotaract Club.  Below is a video on what these wonderful young people did in 2009 for the orphans of Africa.


Rotaract Club

Letter from Nairobi

Mathare Slums the Playground
Mathare Slums the Playground

Through our RFFA Board we have received this letter from an American Rotarian currently in Nairobi visiting the Mathare area where RFFA does a lot of work.  Eric Jacobson is a member of the Rotary Club of Flower Mound in Texas and here is his letter:

“Please pass this note on to my fellow Flower Mound Rotarians.

I am working right now in the Mathare Valley slums of Nairobi and with some of the very Aids orphans that RFFA is assisting.  The poverty is unimaginable.  Rotary is doing something very, very incredible here – giving love and hope where few others venture.  I have had a wonderful meeting with the Rotary leaders here and pass you their deepest gratitude.  I have found myself spontaneously crying more in the past few days here than in the past few years combined.  It is completely wrong for any children on this earth to have to live this way and I have found myself angry with God as I struggle with it.  Aids is a double whammy here and what Rotary and a few other orgs (my wife’s NGO is another) are doing here is powerful and at this point makes what I do for a living seem ridiculously insignificant.

Please, PLEASE support this cause as I can not imagine a more significant place on this earth where it could be equally felt.  Dig deep and make a difference here and I can assure you that I will bring you back pictures that will cause you to know how worthy this is of your contribution.

Please if you can not make it to the auction tonight then make the basic contribution to be an RFFA member.  I am a fairly new Rotarian as you all know but one of the things that drew me to this amazing org was the hearts of the people in it.  For years, our predecessors stood together to fight Polio and they were relentless.  This is the new war we are fighting.  As your fellow Rotarian, I want to ask each of you to please become a RFFA member and give the small amount that is required of such.  I am sorry but I feel that if we can go to an amazing Rotary fundraiser like Vine and Dine that costs us $200 per couple, then we can certainly put out $100 to stand with our fellow Rotarians over here working fulltime in this effort.  Could we please have 100% participation from the Flower Mound Rotary?

I would appreciate your prayers for my health and safety while here for another week and then an additional week in Uganda.  I will be working with Aids orphans as well up there.  Today, I just dressed as a clown and  brought them soccer balls and shoes and gave them something to smile about.  However, these Rotary heroes are doing something much bigger than that and we will find a cure in our lifetimes.”

God Bless, Eric Jacobson

Rotary Club of Flower Mound Texas.

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The Orphan Rescue Kit at Work

Recently our Rotary District 9700 raised over US$65,000 for Orphan Rescue in Africa.  The first of the monies have been spent in The Ivory Coast and here are some photos of what is being done by RFFA and Hope World wide in Africa:

AND here is a translation of the thank you letter from one of the students who is being looked after by RFFA:

BROU AKE-BLA SYLVIANNE February, 1st 2010, Abidjan

Topic: thankfulness to HOPE CI and ORPHAN RESCUE

My name is Brou Ake-Bla Sylvianne

I am in the 6th form of primary school in a school called “The Success”

I am orphan by my father side and registered in the NGO AHIKOU who does a lot for us in the psychosocial support

This letter is addressed to HOPE and ORPHAN RESCUE; I am grateful for what you do for us, because I have been able to be registered at school thanks to your support; without this help I wouldn’t have been to school this year.