World AIDS Day Message from Uganda

Bishop Zebedee Masereka
Bishop Zebedee Masereka

Message from Bishop Masereka of Kasase Uganda on World AIDS Day:

HIV/AIDS is a devastating enemy against humanity. However, it is wonderful to know that there is a Day when every one can focus on the dangers of HIV/AIDS. In my home Country of Uganda, World AIDS will be observed as usual on December 01.

It is encouraging to know that Governments like that of Uganda and many others in the world are working very hard to try and eliminate the virus and it’s consequences. It is also quite encouraging to know that the prices of Anti Retro Viral drugs, ARVs, have been lowered over the years. But universal access is still eluding many communities. The introduction of nevarepine medications on the markets a few years ago was a great achievement, yet the availability of nevarepine to every one who needs it has not been achieved in many Countries.

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World AIDS DAY Message from Space

Lt. Colonel Shane Kimbrough Speaks from Space.

Lt. Colonel Shane Kimbrough
Lt. Colonel Shane Kimbrough

“My name is Lt. Colonel Shane Kimbrough and I am on the International Space Station orbiting 200 miles above the earth.

During the 90 minutes it takes us to circle the earth, we do not see borders or boundaries. From up here, the task of solving the world’s biggest problems seems less daunting. But when our shuttle today (Sunday), we will return to a world where border disputes and financial crises lead the nightly news. Those challenges define our world and their solutions will define our future.

On World AIDS Day, December 1st, we are celebrating our success in helping to bring lifesaving HIV/AIDS treatment to 3 million people globally, including 2 million Africans. But there are 7 million more people who are in critical need of AIDS drugs and don’t have them. There are also millions at risk of becoming infected with HIV. We can drastically reduce poverty and preventable diseases, including HIV/AIDS, on our planet…………”

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Leaving the Sapce Station 28th November 2008
Leaving the Space Station 28th November 2008

Lt. Colonel Shane Kimbrough and crew on their way home and will be back on US soil this Sunday 30th November 2008.  To see why Shane has sent us this message on World AIDS Day lookup:




World AIDS Day December 1st 2008

Please look at supporting the Orphan Rescue Kit all you have to do is to click on the buttons above and choose what you want to buy for an orphan of Africa in this case the orphans of Mathare in Nairobi; this World AIDS Day.

Rotarians For Fighting AIDS

Message from Stephen Lewis World AIDS Day 2008

Stephen Lewis in Los Angeles at the 2008 Rotary Convention
Stephen Lewis in Los Angeles at the 2008 Rotary Convention

It is said that the international financial turmoil will undermine the work of agencies like ours. Supposedly there’ll be no money around for charitable purposes. My colleagues and I refuse to accept that. We work from the premise that the struggle against AIDS will not be sacrificed on the altar of financial turbulence.

So we’re defying the odds. And we’re asking you to do the same. In fact, we’re asking you to do more. We’re asking you to join us in a new fundraising campaign called “TURNING THE TIDE”.

It’s our conviction that so much has been accomplished on the ground in Africa, for grandmothers and orphans and women in particular, that if we can fund every worthy proposal, we can turn the tide of the AIDS pandemic at the grassroots.

People will say that the timing is all wrong. We say, to the devil with the timing. We’re on the cusp of bringing hope to thousands upon thousands of people living with HIV/AIDS. Please join us.


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