Welcome to our Mount Kenya 2015 web site.


Navigation is easy just follow the drop downs and you will find out why we are climbing our third African mountain for the children of Africa.  We invite you to join us on this adventure and we have two teams going.  One to hike and climb and one which will go on safari while we hike and climb!

Please think about sponsoring us up the mountain for four very good causes that will enable us to maintain sustainability on a continued basis since we first started with the Coolamon Rotary’s Road MAPS to Africa Programme in 2005.

Please feel free to contact me John Glassford on 0498 190 880 or email me:

[email protected]

If you prefer snail mail:


A team of Rotarians and friends of Rotary have taken up the challenge to climb Mount Kenya to summit on ANZAC Day 2015.  This is a serious and at times a hazardous climb and we are doing this for the following beneficiaries:

1. Legacy Australia






2.  Rotary Education Projects in Kenya

3. HIV/AIDS Clinic in South Africa.

Please take your time to look at our web site and we are asking you to join us by sponsoring our climb via the donate button on our page.


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