Mount Kenya Here we Come!

We are now moving closer to our goal of April 2015!  We have been in touch with the Department of Veteran’s Affairs in Canberra and thy have no problems with our logo and the use of the words in our banner.  I will now crank up our Facebook page and invite people to join us there.


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Welcome to our Mount Kenya 2015 web site.

Lewa 8

Navigation is easy just follow the drop downs and you will find out why we are climbing our third African mountain for the children of Africa.  We invite you to join us on this adventure and we have two teams going.  One to hike and climb and one which will go on safari while we hike and climb!

Please think about sponsoring us up the mountain for four very good causes that will enable us to maintain sustainability on a continued basis since we first started with the Coolamon Rotary’s Road MAPS to Africa Programme in 2005.

Please feel free to contact me John Glassford on 61 2 6927 6027 or email me:

If you prefer snail mail:


Your Dreams are Valid

“When I look down at this golden statue, may it remind me and every little child that no matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid.” Lupita Nyong’o from Kenya, in her Oscar’s acceptance speech.


Orphans for Orphans


This is one project which has enormous potential for Rotary Clubs to become involved with.  It involves sponsoring an elephant orphan which in turn sponsors an orphan from Kenya.  There are some 22 million orphans in Sub-Saharan Africa today Here are some photos of the orphans visiting the orphans and then going back to their home and learning about elephants and their conservation for their own futures together in Kenya.

Orphans for Orphans 4 Orphans for Orphans 9 Orphans for Orphans 8 Orphans for Orphans 7 Orphans for Orphans 6 Orphans for Orphans 5 5 Orphans for Orphans 3 Orphans for Orphans 2 Orphans for Orphans 1



Coolamon and Wagga Wagga Sunrise Join Hands

Mount Kenya Pull Up Banner

We would like to announce that the Rotary Clubs of Coolamon and Wagga Wagga Sunrise are joining hands in the adventure to climb Mount Kenya in April 2015 project.  The climb will have two joint leaders in PDG Fred Loneragan form Wagga Wagga Sunrise and PP  John Glassford from Coolamon.

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Past Rotary International President is our Patron

Bill Boyd

PRIP Bill Boyd from New Zealand has agreed to become our Patron for the Mount Kenya 2015 ANZAC Day Centenary Climb.

Bill Boyd is a member of the Rotary Club of Pakuranga Inc, Auckland, New Zealand and was Rotary International President in 2006-2007.

Bill Boyd Companion of The New Zealand Order of Merit - CNZM

At the opening plenary session (17 February 18, 2006) of the Rotary International Assembly incoming president William B. (Bill) Boyd announced his theme: “LEAD THE WAY”.

 Rotary 206-07

Governors-elect greeted this announcement with a standing cheering ovation as Boyd stated, “This will be my theme and an affirmation of my belief in the power of Rotarians to change the world, one positive act at a time.” He concluded his remarks by saying, “As Rotarians, we are not content to let matters stay the way they have always been in our clubs or in our communities. We are not content with the status quo, and we do not look at a problem only to say someone else will solve it. We are the ones who ask, ‘Why not us?’ We are the ones with the skills and the desire to build a better future. And we are the ones who must  “Lead the Way”